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Mindful Power Through Mastering Fear

You need to know about Mindful Power. As a salesperson, do you ever get stressed? Maybe a little bit nervous, or afraid? The sales world is one of high pressure, where stressful situations present themselves almost constantly. If you let this stress take over, you won’t get the results that ...

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Panel Discussion Recording: The Power Of Social Selling

Every aspect of our lives are being constantly shaped by technology, and the tools that continue to evolve and appear. This absolutely includes social media platforms. Initially designed in order to help friends and family keep in touch, social media rapidly became a revolutionary way to market to others, network ...

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Growing Your Agency & the Power Of “No”

The agency world is a hectic, challenging, but incredibly rewarding place. Every second has significance and your client pool is a perpetual (and never dull) juggling act. There are no signs of things slowing down anytime soon, considering the sheer volume of work associated with managing social media on behalf ...

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The Selling Power of “What If?”

Because I was raised by a salesman, you could certainly say that selling runs in my blood. I sold many different things between school clubs, boy scouts and sports teams. These included toothbrushes, light bulbs, doughnuts, fertilizer, and first aid kits for card—and I sold all these items door-to-door. Upon ...

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