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How To Promote Your Blog

Starting a blog is relatively easy when compared to actually promoting your blog content and increasing traffic. Beginners think that simply building a blog means that visitors will come automatically. The reality is the other way around. Without you promoting your blog posts in social media and niche communities, your ...

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How to Promote Your Event Online Like a Pro

Hosting an event is a great way for businesses to gain exposure. This holds true whether it’s a holiday or a special occasion for your customers, the community, or your industry. You may want to promote an event even if you’re not hosting it. For example, maybe your company will ...

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Promote Your Business with Storytelling

People don’t respond as well to data as they do to stories, it’s been shown. Take powerful data, put it into a story that creates an emotional response, and you’ll find that it has much more impact. That’s why companies prefer to have their products actually be part of the ...

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How to Promote a Book: 8 Lessons from Bestsellers

Publishers publish. They don’t necessarily promote. They might “distribute” (heavy on the air quotes). But…to where? Borders?   Oh that’s right. They don’t exist anymore. And good luck finding a Barnes & Noble or any other needle-moving retail chain out there. You want a bestseller? The fact is, you’re gonna ...

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