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6 super survey questions for retail heroes

What separates the mild-mannered retail store owners from the retail heroes? Heroes use surveys to find out what customers think about their business and products, so they can take action and deliver an amazing experience. Ready to be a hero to your customers? Create a super survey with six powerful, ...

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5 survey questions that can improve your service business

For service businesses, success is dependent upon providing customers and clients with an exceptional experience. But what exactly does it take to accomplish that? To find out, try asking your audience for feedback. Customer surveys are one of the most valuable tools small business owners have. The information you collect ...

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5 survey questions every nonprofit should be asking

As a nonprofit organization, your top priority is to further an important cause. But to achieve your goals, you must spend time engaging donors and volunteers. Improve the way that you run your organization and communicate with your supporters by conducting a survey. To get valuable feedback and insights, you’ll have ...

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Get answers to all your newsletter questions

A newsletter is one of the most important building blocks of your email marketing program. Well-executed, email newsletters tell the story of your business in a way that keeps your readers informed and interested — and keeps your brand and services in their minds.  More than that, newsletters are an ...

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Better Questions, Better Answers

What makes a good question? In sales, some would say a good question is one that is prepared in advance. Some would say a good question is one that craftily leads the buyer toward the close. Others still would say a good question is the one that forces the buyer ...

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