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Create Your Artistic Sales Process

Most salespeople want recognition for their excellent work. Sales training teaches us a specific order for the steps of the sales cycle. Reading the classic sales books will boost our understanding of how to sell. However, when one follows the exact rules and procedures similar to everyone else, there is ...

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Change Management in Sales

Change Management in the Modern Era of Sales Change management is the concept of change, and how to keep abreast of these changes. Many times, salespeople are slow to change their methods or don’t realize the necessity of adapting to the newness of the sales world. This can have a ...

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Sales Closing Skills or Opening Skills?

Does Your Sales Team Need Closing Skills or Opening Skills? “Can you help my sales team close more business?” As a teacher of sales skills, I’ve been asked this question frequently. The answer is “yes,” with a strong qualifier: Your sales team may not have a problem with closing opportunities; ...

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Sales Enablement Strategies

The Importance of Sales Enablement Sales enablement can be a broad topic, and a lot of people have different definitions of what sales enablement really means. Tamara Schenk, interviewed by John Golden, created a definition based on her real-life experience, as well as research, and working with clients. “We define ...

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CRM and Measuring Sales Effectiveness in Calls

Importance of CRM and Measuring Sales Effectiveness in Calls No matter the discipline, you want to be effective. If what you’re doing isn’t effective, or moving you closer to your ultimate goal, there’s absolutely no reason to continue doing it. The struggle for salespeople becomes measuring sales effectiveness. It’s not ...

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Sell More By Going Beyond The Sales Process

Dave Stein is a legend in the sales training industry and he has teamed up with Steve Andersen to publish an essential book for anyone in business-to-business selling. I just finished reading Beyond The Sales Process and its timeless wisdom is wrapped within a modernized approach achieving sales success by ...

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