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Sales People: Appoint Yourself Head of Changes

If you’re in sales and hear that you must be ’ready to embrace changes’ and you think ‘Oh! Again?’ you’re not alone, and it only gets worse. See why and how sales people can break habits most effectively and handle new demands and opportunities in your sales job. “Change is the ...

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Creating Compelling Sales Stories

According to research from International Data Corporation, 75% of CFOs and CIOs at global organizations say that they have trouble using data to make decisions. One reason for this challenge is that while data is readily available, it is often lacking context; this is where the skill of storytelling helps ...

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Sales Ethics: When Your Solution Is Not Right

Picture this: you’re meeting with your dream prospect. It’s the meeting which took months to land, the one which could lead you to make your challenging sales goals this year. As the conversation progresses and the prospect shares more about what he needs, you start to develop an uneasy feeling ...

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How to Pitch to Win at Sales

Often, a company buys from a salesperson because that salesperson had a great pitch. It is not always because the product is better than others on the market. “You could have a great offering, but if you don’t know how to sell it and pitch it, it doesn’t matter what your ...

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Do You Define Sales Boundaries?

As high-tech was taking off in Silicon Valley, a friend introduced me to the CEO of one such company.  It was with great excitement that I accepted the sales job. I was the sole salesperson and was given the opportunity to drive business single-handedly.  It was a treat to be ...

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Why Do Empathetic Sales People Win More?

Empathy is an emotional intelligence skill. Put simply, empathy is the ability to “walk a mile” in someone else’s shoes. It requires paying sharp attention to know what another person thinks or feels. An enormous influence skill, empathy is not often covered in sales books or sales training courses. Why? ...

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