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Pulling Up the Failing Salesperson

There are 4 phases to sales management evolution: 1) Chaos – no management 2) Primitive management – some reporting, some standards, often optional; Gallup poll management, every salesperson is unique, cater to the salesperson; no one fired. Take all orders, even (and sometimes especially) the unprofitable ones. 3) Strong management ...

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Salesperson Fitness and the Amazing Tom Brady

This is my final article on salesperson fitness, with a note on the incredible Tom Brady. As we’ve discussed throughout this series, fitness isn’t just a matter of one’s body. There is also fitness of the mind, and (believe it or not) fitness of the spirit. Most importantly, these must ...

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Where Does a Salesperson Find Ethics?

Here is the next in my series on salesperson fitness. Sales ethics is the subject of many books, and the subject of chapters of yet other sales books. It’s something that many experts think every salesperson needs to worry themselves about. And so they should! But I don’t think they ...

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Salesperson Fitness: The Body

Here is the next in my series on salesperson fitness. Of the three different types of fitness we’re addressing in this series (body, mind, spirit or soul), fitness of the body is the most visible. It’s what everyone immediately sees. In that a salesperson is presenting themselves and their products ...

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Ian Mills Shares the Salesperson Secret Code

Join host John Golden as he interviews veteran sales consultant and author of The Salesperson’s Secret Code Ian Mills. Ian shares his considerable experiential insight into the mindset of a successful salesperson–what causes high performers to be high performers? Pipeliner CRM empowers sales management to pinpoint reasons for sales success. ...

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Cutting Through the Water: Becoming a Champion Salesperson

In any field, being good is one thing—but becoming a champion is quite another. Taking swimming as an example, some people swim very well. But to become a champion—such as 1972 7-time Olympic Gold Medal winner Mark Spitz, for example—it requires serious dedication, training and practice. Fortunately, becoming a champion ...

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