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Sell More By Going Beyond The Sales Process

Dave Stein is a legend in the sales training industry and he has teamed up with Steve Andersen to publish an essential book for anyone in business-to-business selling. I just finished reading Beyond The Sales Process and its timeless wisdom is wrapped within a modernized approach achieving sales success by ...

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How to Sell on Facebook

Fans are vanity and sales are sanity. —Lori Taylor, social media marketer It’s easy to get sidetracked from sales because there are a ton of digital parameters for success, elaborate conversion funnels, follower counts, newsletter signups, likes, shares… But the purpose of your investment in social media is ultimately to ...

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Want to Sell More? Behave Like a Friend

In recent years, I’ve heard many variations on this theme: “I won’t tolerate this anymore! I’m fed up!” People simply don’t want to be sold to. We’ve all had enough of unwanted phone calls, both at home and at work. We’re tired of slogging through unsolicited emails. We really wish ...

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Salespeople Who Email Sell More … Yup, Seriously

I wrote recently about the importance of having an effective follow-up system in place to dramatically (and more easily) increase your sales closing rate. Autoresponder emails are a key component to effective follow-up and no follow-up system should be without them. Setting up a series of automated emails not only ...

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When You Sell, Who REALLY Calls the Shots?

After realizing you had just lost a sale, have you ever taken the “Sales Walk of Shame” back to your car and asked yourself, “What just happened?” You didn’t see it coming. In your mind, everything looked great. Your buyer assured you that things were fine and going well. Somehow, ...

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