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Which Are You Doing: Presenting, or SELLING?

(One of my personal #SalesFails) I cannot count the times I’ve watched a salesperson spend hours laboring over a presentation–packing in the details, pictures, statistics, graphics…and hope. Yes, a great amount of hope that in the end the presentation will be so stellar, and cover every possible objection or variable, ...

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The 4 Building Blocks of a Selling Organization

Shawn Karol Sandy doesn’t aim for building sales organizations, but instead selling organizations. In our expert interview with host John Golden, Sandy describes the 4 building blocks of a selling organization: the cultures that you adopt, the behaviors that breed and live out that culture, the strategies that you develop ...

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Julio Viskovich Talks Social Selling

Today it’s vitally important for salespeople to adapt to the digital age–and that means fully understanding and adapting to the radical changes in buyer behavior that have occurred in the last decade. Join host John Golden as he discusses this vital topic with social selling thought leader Julio Viskovich. Pipeliner ...

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Executive Selling – Made Easy Using this Checklist

There are many appropriate ways to establish relationships with executives. The below Executive Selling Checklist gives you the steps you need to be successful. It also helps you to avoid all the common pitfalls. By following this simple checklist, you will enjoy ongoing access to key executives which will enrich ...

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