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Respect: The Keystone of Network Selling

Beginning our new series on Network Selling, we’ll start with the very first element required: respect. Not just Network Selling, but everything in civilized life begins and ends with respect as the very foundation. Every good experience, be it a social or business experience, depends on mutual respect for its ...

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Digital Selling

As things shift to more digital platforms, so too has the sales world. Salespeople are exploring traditional selling versus digital selling, and how to adapt to a more technological world. Digital sales expert Mario Martinez talks traditional versus digital selling in this video interview, hosted by John Golden. In this ...

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The Network Selling Model

The Network Selling Model: Vital for Today’s Sales Network Selling is a sales model we created several years ago, that expresses the ideal needed in today’s interconnected digital sales landscape. It is expressed in the graphic below: In this blog series, we will be going through each of the factors ...

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The Selling Power of “What If?”

Because I was raised by a salesman, you could certainly say that selling runs in my blood. I sold many different things between school clubs, boy scouts and sports teams. These included toothbrushes, light bulbs, doughnuts, fertilizer, and first aid kits for card—and I sold all these items door-to-door. Upon ...

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