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Social Media Automation Rules No Brand Should Break

Social media automation software is used to automate or semi-automate the process of sharing posts and content on social media channels. Automation software also makes it possible to share on multiple social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) simultaneously. There are plenty of benefits to social media automation, including: Efficiency: Scheduling a ...

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Should I Hire A PPC Agency?

After offering PPC for the last decade, Seer has run into a number of companies who were roaring to go with PPC and some who (with best intentions) wanted to run, but needed to take a step back. Below are 8 evaluations to do before pulling the trigger on that ...

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How salesy should your newsletter be?

If you’ve got a regular email marketing newsletter you deliver to your customers, chances are you might be trying to sell something — and that’s ok. But a strictly salesy newsletter doesn’t make for the most riveting read, and it could drive customers to unsubscribe. Keep them engaged and buying with content ...

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How Much Should You Pay a Social Media Manager?

As social media assumes a bigger and bigger role in companies’ marketing plans, the need for dedicated social media employees has also grown. It’s not practical or recommended to load the responsibilities of your brand’s social media presence on a fresh-faced intern or on your already busy marketing team. That ...

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Why You Should Be Using Facebook Canvas Ads

April 24, 2018 Facebook has plenty of ad types to choose from depending on your marketing goals. Image ads…carousel ads…video ads…well most of us advertising on Facebook have probably utilized these types. But have you used canvas ads? If not you probably should test these out. They are an engaging ...

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