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First, Stop Using the Term Win/Loss!

“Things are not always what they seem.” We can thank Phaedrus, an Athenian who lived around 400 BC, for that insight. He’s also credited with saying “opportunity has hair in front, but is bald behind.” A curious metaphor. Phaedrus isn’t the up-tempo spirit I’d want on my innovation team today. ...

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Stop adding Stories to every app

Every few months it seems another company copies Snapchat’s Stories feature that lets users create approximately 10-second videos their followers can view for just 24 hours. First Instagram announced it was introducing Stories in 2016, followed by YouTube, Facebook, and Skype in 2017. Even dating apps like  Bumble and Match have ...

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Stop the Revolving Door of Sales Hiring

A simple blueprint for handoffs defines roles/responsibilities and strengthens sales hiring partnerships In hiring front-line sellers, organizations may flounder and fail when saleshiring practices are left up to a single department. Sales managers frequently take short cuts. Recruiters and HR business partners often miss the mark because it’s challenging for ...

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Stop Abusive Sales Coaching

The words combative and hyper-competitive often describe athletic coaches. An accolade usually follows: “they get results!” No doubt. But it’s worth questioning whether those results are ones you want. “Rutgers coach Mike Rice’s fiery style has been on public display before . . .” Mike Rice was the University’s basketball ...

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