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Narrowing Your Target Audience

Off the Cuff Instant Interview Question: What is the best way for a sales team or company to really narrow down their target audience? Research, research, research. Many companies and salespeople target prospects that are not a good fit for their service offering. The best way to target the right ...

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You Have a Target Account List, Now What?

To be clear, your target account list is: Your highest potential target accounts Your ‘Big opportunities or big hits’ list Your elephant or whale list We call these TOP Line Account™ opportunities. (TOP Line Accounts are defined as your biggest and best opportunities and are generally worth at least 5x ...

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True Sales Tales: Hitting that Sales Target

In sales, we all have targets or objects we’re aiming for or trying to exceed. Here I’ll share the very biggest target challenge I ever faced up to–and met–in my 20 years as a sales trainer and 50-plus years in sales. In Dubai several years ago, I met with the ...

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7 Ways to Tap Into Your True Target Audience

Think fast: do you know who’s your target audience? Most marketers would love to respond with a resounding “Yes!” or “Of course!” Unfortunately, many brands struggle when it comes time to define exactly who they’re trying to reach. The result? A marketing strategy that’s all over the place and an ...

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