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Stay sharp and relevant with ongoing PPC training

The paid search world continues to grow and evolve at an extraordinary rate. Machine learning and automation are changing how the paid search professional operates. Account managers must be more customer service- and business-oriented than ever before. Being strategically proficient is no longer a luxury — it’s a requirement. The ...

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What Makes The Real Difference in Sales Training?

What’s the secret to getting sales training to really stick and become the work practice of salespeople? What is the balance between sales training content and practical application? What’s the one piece in a sales training course that really makes a difference? How does a salesperson take full advantage of ...

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The Age of Remote Sales Training

Why The Days of Live In-Person Training Are Coming To An End In recent years I have noticed something: more and more of my clients do not want live in person training. They want training done remotely. When I first started to facilitate online training way back in 2012, I ...

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Sales Training for the 21st Century

Sales. It’s right at the center of a company’s revenue strategy. Without sales, revenue doesn’t happen at all. With the right sales team and the right strategy–and of course the right product or service–it’s a rocket ride right out through the top. But what comes before all that? You guessed ...

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The Serious Advantages of Online Sales Training

There are many who argue that online sales training isn’t worth the time or effort. However renowned sales thought leader, author and veteran sales trainer Dr. Richard Ruff begs to differ and has become one of online sales training’s leading proponents. Today, sales training can be: Faster Less expensive More ...

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Facebook plans European AI investment and digital training programs amid growing regulatory scrutiny

Trying once again to rehabilitate its reputation in Europe, Facebook today announced a wide-ranging training program to help small businesses and provide individuals with critical digital skills. In addition, the company said it would expand its artificial intelligence investments in France by hiring new engineers and expanding its scholarship program ...

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