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Using the new Google AdWords dashboard

Back in 2012, Lisa Raehsler wrote an article on 6 Super Time-Saving Tips to AdWords PPC Management, in which she presented some of the new time-saving features of AdWords. In the last 6 years, there have been many changes to the AdWords dashboard and a revolution in the other tools ...

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First, Stop Using the Term Win/Loss!

“Things are not always what they seem.” We can thank Phaedrus, an Athenian who lived around 400 BC, for that insight. He’s also credited with saying “opportunity has hair in front, but is bald behind.” A curious metaphor. Phaedrus isn’t the up-tempo spirit I’d want on my innovation team today. ...

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Using Win-Loss Analysis to Win-Win Every Time

Win more Sales! Win-Loss Analysis Moves You to Win-Win Every Time Being in sales is a tough business, particularly when you look at the odds of winning compared to losing. The only high statistic you can count on is pressure from management. This pressure increases stress and leads to an ...

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What WordPress Theme Is That Blog Using?

Have you discovered a pretty looking site and are you now wondering what WordPress theme that blog is using? There’s a quick way to find out. Step-by-step process to look up what WordPress theme a site is using Visit the site in question Right-click anywhere on the blog page Click ...

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Why You Should Be Using Facebook Canvas Ads

April 24, 2018 Facebook has plenty of ad types to choose from depending on your marketing goals. Image ads…carousel ads…video ads…well most of us advertising on Facebook have probably utilized these types. But have you used canvas ads? If not you probably should test these out. They are an engaging ...

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