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  1. I recommend this seller for a perfect business plan

  2. I have the smm course if you are interested in buying it add me on SC:keano_177

  3. theres some reall negative people out there saying social media s scam tnaks tie for showing how positivity makes the good bluprint


  5. Tai Lopez… the man who entices you with his stories, only to pitch you on his services. What a joke… Grant Cardone everyone. A millionaire who actually wants to help you and give you free advice on YouTube. Obviously on a limited basis, but not as limited as this crap.

  6. Why doesn't he ever say the company names from his past? He always keeps it extremely vague. "I sold a company, I invested in a company, I mentored million dollar companies, I started a company". Also if he still is a part of many companies like he says he is why wouldn't he as a "expert marketer" use his celebrity status as a platform to promote these companies? Most likely cause they don't exist and the only products he has are these courses/programs. Before 2015 there isn't really any information on him. Great businessmen have histories you can look into; a track record. He has Elite Global Dating. Just look it up.
    People are trusting his advice and programs based on him being a expert businessman, but there simply isn't anything to back that up. Just some flashy cars and a nice house. Which he can now afford only because he sells these programs.

    Tai sells a worthless product for as much money as he can as quickly as he can. Sooner or later people will find out. He is not a proper business man. He isn't a salesman; he's a hustler. He is a fairground worker in shiny suit selling a product as worthless as he is.

  7. One hour long and literally not one bit of actionable information beyond suggesting you sign up for the program. I don't dispute Lopez knows what he's doing as far as generating income for himself — that's well beyond dispute. What I object to is the intro promising at least SOME information that will get you going. It JUST ISN'T THERE.

  8. Victoria Green Wales

    How old is Tai?

  9. Can you be under 18 and start a SMMA?

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  12. Empire Media & Consulting Saskatoon

    if I hear you fucking say "Test group" one more time Im going to fuck your ass

  13. This video starts off with "I am here to offer you a Free Business Plan" but he doesn't deliver anything.

  14. Tai needs to get to the point. His monotone voice and content filler useless information makes it painful to listen to a lot of his videos. Just give us the info like Gary does.

  15. I get the gist of what youre saying, however what if you have zero background in marketing? Marketing is a foreign language to me…

  16. 34 minutes into this video and you have not talked about nothing but how successful you are and basically follow in the footsteps of other successful people! There was NO BLUEPRINT, NO STRATEGY, NO BIZ PLAN! I thank God I didn't pay for this "training" because I would have been pissed!!!

  17. i think you likes me

  18. i respect Tai and he teaches a lot of good stuff but sometimes he just wanders off from the main topic and starts to talk crap about his course, i know its marketing but still its annoying

  19. I don't think

  20. I'm 10 years old but can I do social media marketing

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