Saturday , March 24 2018
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  1. Aarian's Fun Adventures

    Please subscribe to our channel and we subscribe to yours! Comment n like one of our videos so we know to subs to you! Txs!

  2. Love this! Is there a way you can teach us how to make that spreadsheet and all that technical stuff? Feel like not a lot of bloggers show that indepth. Thank you!!

  3. CeCe SomethingorOther

    Tapinfluence says its invite only. Do you know how one would get an invite to join?

  4. what platform did u use for your blog?

  5. Morgan, question. Do you have a written list somewhere of all of these sites you mention in your videos? I'm JUST starting TODAY so I'm a little overwhelmed so instead of reinventing the wheel here….. 😉 Thanks.

  6. xiannon westbrook

    Great information ,just what i needed i need to know about how much money it cost to start my own affiliate marketing website?

  7. Great video. All info straight to point for a perspective of a new blogger or blog/website wishers who always have questions about different channels like you mentioned I.e., working with brands and affiliate marketing.

  8. Thanks morgan , awesome stuff

  9. Internet Marketing Gym

    good guide BUT… You didn't mention anything about EMAIL marketing…

    Maybe you make 2k a month without email marketing?

    if so, then hats off. I learned a lot about sponsored posts so thank you.

  10. Hi Morgan, thank you for your efforts and this video. A bit off topic but can you help me in understanding which camera are you using to shoot your video? Are you also using any microphone?

  11. Thanks so much for for sharing your experience! I Just Started my own blog I dont really have a substantial following, I was wondering, how many followers did you reach before you able to get paid for posts or act as a brand ambasaddor through these websites?

  12. This was so helpful!!! Can you please make more videos like this!! how to make a contract email for brands?

  13. NEW SUB! Thanks for your time and info! I'm excited to marathon your of your channel! Awesome tips! <3

  14. Hi Morgan! Your advice on how to start a blog has helped me loads. I have a question with the discus plugin, is this for purely aesthetics purposes? Thanks!

  15. super helpful. Thank you!

  16. NotWritingFor Flowers

    thank you. i'm not new a marketing, but I am new at youtube vlogging…… this was very helpful.


    I like your blog idea could you tell me how do I setup my blog earning ? I seen in your blog have no google AD or somethings ! So how you generating money ? Please…..

  18. NatalyLifeAbroad

    that's interesting! thank you for the information, very helpful

  19. probably not a good idea to pitch higher but rather have a tier of payment options

  20. johnross dhliwayo

    just beautiful ! all of it !. Thanks for the advice !

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