Saturday , March 24 2018

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  1. DAVE BANNER was this weeks CONSULTATION CALL WINNER! Next weeks winner will be picked from the first video upload of the week!

  2. How Do I ask the client if they can provide me with pictures and videos of their business every week? Example: Cheerleading, Gym or Basketball team Thank you

  3. so how expensive of a camera would i need to take pics like this?

  4. Luiz Henrique Pugliesi Vilasboas

    Hey Man, great job you are doing…. I wanna take your course, but I'm outside US, and I want to work with clients in US, do you belive that's gonna work? Do you teaches how I'd approuch the clients and make it happen?? Thanks man!

  5. Mariano Romanico Ruiz

    hey ryan, is your program about smma applicable outside USA?

  6. How you take pictures for all clients?

  7. Great stuff! The info about the realtor really helped. Thank you!

  8. love the intro Ryan, how did you create that? thanks.

  9. Picking up all these breadcrumbs all the way from South Africa 🙂 thanks Ryan. Big Up!

  10. You look like Tai Lopez – LOL

  11. You are doing amazing Ryan, I enjoy watching your videos cos they have exactly what am looking for.

  12. Which social media marketing manager would you recommend

  13. Rick Grimes Hollywood Detective

    Hey Ryan I've got two questions that I think are important for everyone on here:

    First, when starting an SMMA or Amazon business do you recommend just going through and getting an llc in the beginning instead of sole proprietorship? (regardless of one's assets)

    Second, do you recommend a business credit card to keep track of business expenses?

  14. Loved the video Ryan, packed with value! Keep em coming 🙂

  15. Please please please do a video on Facebook advertising Ryan!

  16. Cool Ryan , thanks …

  17. The info you provide is golden! I hope to get as big as you one day!

  18. I love this video. So helpful. I was wondering how would you get the photos for Instagram from your clients. Would you ask them to send it to you? or would you take some?

  19. Great vid Ryan! Very informative.

  20. When I research these big brands like this I notice that they are posting once every few days, but you offer clients 30 posts a month. Is that too much? Or is there something about this I'm missing? Thanks

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